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This is a time where many of us are learning to be alone together (or together apart), which can be challenging or downright upsetting for some, yet new and exciting for others. This week, as many large public gatherings have been cancelled, postponed, or brought online, we encourage you to do things--alone, or with others--that keep us joyful, appreciative, and safe.

Wednesday, July 1

The Nats are back! Remember the Nats?

Brush up on your baseball trivia with The Kelvin, the Nationals’ “newest neighbor.” (4 pm)

Monumental controversies

Profs & Pints airs a lecture from an art & archaeology professor at Hood College who wrote the “anti-guide to the monuments of Washington, DC.” (4 pm)

Also || Women investing in women | Live in Da Garden

Thursday, July 2

Intimate Sleaze aka ~table service~ at DC9

Have you seen that video of the Dutch nightclub with socially distant people dancing in chairs? You can make that a reality, sort of, at DC9’s Infinite Sleaze! You and five of your friends can reserve a table on DC9’s rooftop to watch a stream of Lemz and Keenan djing from downstairs. The stream is free for folks to tune in. Act fast, cause the 9:15pm tables are already sold out.

Corn, Beans, and Squash: What the Three Sisters Tell Us

Part of the “Beyond the Mall” digital programming of the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, join staff members from the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian and Smithsonian Gardens for a discussion on the traditional Indigenous food staples of corn, squash, and beans (known as the Three Sisters). You’ll also get step-by-step instructions on how to prepare a delicious meal incorporating the Three Sisters, perfect timing for lunch. (12pm)

Also || comedy crash course | Summerfest Outdoor Series: Bluewreck benefitting Black Lives Matter DMV | Race in the intelligence field | What the Three Sisters Tell Us

Friday, July 3

All Out Against Annexation

With so much going on in the world, you might have missed that Israel is inches away from annexing a third of Palestine in what Foreign Policy says would be the “end of the two-state solution.” (12:30 pm

A ton of tunes

  • Oh He Dead is playing at Jammin Java’s Summerfest Outdoor Series benefitting Black Lives Matter DMV. Wear your mask! (6pm)
  • Tristan Welch is streaming his new release “Asset / Defect” this weekend, based on recovery guidance. (7pm)
  • Susan Alcorn and Marian McLaughlin are taking to FB Live, hosted by Rhizome DC. (8pm)
  • Katie Alice Greer (ex-Priests) does a late night solo show on We Fought The Big One. (10pm)

Also || virtual paint night

Saturday, July 4


If you’re of a patriotic bent, maybe James Baldwin will get to you: “I love America more than any other country in this world, and, exactly for this reason, I insist on the right to criticize her perpetually.” It seems like there will be protests, marches and memorials, including one for George Floyd at the MLK Memorial

America Stinks

Slash Run is hosting their first show since social distancing measures were put in place. The band will be playing inside, and the audience will be outside. Attendance is very limited; you have to call them to reserve a spot! (9pm)

Also || Dragon’s breath yoga | Fourth of July with the National Archives

Sunday, July 5

The Pleasure Garden

Rhizome DC is holding part two of a very queer and very virtual introduction to the art of film this weekend. Proceeds will be split by Rhizome DC and Revolve AVL. (7pm)

Also ||  sunset sessions | hit the crab shack

Monday, July 6

Black Homes Matter Rally

The DC Council is finalizing the DC's 2021 budget in the next few weeks, so join Empower DC in Freedom Plaza to demand money for critical housing programs. (3pm)

Uber & the Gig Economy in DC

“Uber entered D.C. with an exemption to District rules governing taxis, and over time has enjoyed a cozy relationship with local officials. This relationship compounds the power imbalance between drivers and the company. By allowing Uber and other platform companies to self-regulate, local officials have not only hurt workers but also D.C. at large.” By a Georgetown postdoc & MDC DSA. (6:30 pm)

Also || Waxahatchee does St. Cloud | NMWA virtual happy hour for Friday Kahlo’s birthday

Tuesday, July 7

Volunteer with the Museum of the Palestinian People

If you are passionate about exploring and celebrating Palestinian history, arts, and culture, then why not volunteer? Join the virtual orientation sessions to learn about opportunities to be a docent or event coordinator. (7pm)

Order the best pizzas in DC

Use a paper-thin napkin to blot the grease off the top in the comfort of your own home, where no one can judge you: a comprehensive list from Barred In DC to help you pick a tonight’s style. (whenever)

Also || Portraits of Bees, face for radio? Join this workshop on voiceover work

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