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This is a time where many of us are learning to be alone together (or together apart), which can be challenging or downright upsetting for some, yet new and exciting for others. This week, as many large public gatherings have been cancelled, postponed, or brought online, we encourage you to do things--alone, or with others--that keep us joyful, appreciative, and safe.

Wednesday, March 18

She Loves Me... from afar

If there’s someone you are about but can’t breathe on right now, maybe try and brighten up their home office. Through 5pm today, if you order a bouquet delivery from She Loves Me, part of your purchase will go to We Are Family DC to aid Seniors. Flowers all come from women-owned farms. (‘till 5)

Stretch that lunch break a bit longer

Still solidifying a daily or weekly routine for yourself? Is it finally time to actually pick up yoga? Brookland Bluebird Sky Yoga is now streaming classes online with no cost. Classes start at 12:30 p.m. each weekday. Donate if you can.

Also || Join a virtual baking party on Insta with @thesweetfeminist aka those political slogan cakes you keep seeing! 

Thursday, March 19

A business-casual chatroulette

Break up the day while you work from home. Block off your calendar and find time to meet remotely with other teleworkers for a virtual lunch or coffee break. Schedule your next break at Cafecito.

Did you know there’s also a climate crisis?

The DC Environmental Film Fest has moved online, and made it’s listing available on its website. You can still take the discussion to Twitter. (Thru 3/31)

Friday, March 20

DC Dance Party

Bandcamp is waiving their revenue share from album sales on Friday, so now’s a good opportunity to support some local artists. For some recent talent we might recommend Bacchae, Lotion Princess, Mock Identity, or the OSYX. Or let Listen Local First be your guide, as always. 

Virtual Happy Hour! 

You know what’s extremely cool and sexy right now? Staying in on a Friday night. But that doesn’t mean you have to forgo the evening happy hour you’re contractually obligated to have as a resident of the District of Columbia. Grab a couple friends or coworkers or erstwhile Bumble dates or strangers, pick a bar to pretend to go to, and crack a couple cold ones on a video chat. Then — and this is important — make sure to still tip your pretend bartender using this list of service industry workers’ venmo accounts

Saturday, March 21

Siri, play Digital Get Down by *NSYNC

Book drops at DCPL are locked for now, and late fees are being extended, so hold on yours and give it another go! Or, if you want to try something new, try out their digital platform.

Solo bloom admiration encouraged

Peak cherry blossom season would be, in any other year, the typical “large gathering” season in DC. But with expected hits to tourism this year, you have a better chance of enjoying the blooms without crowds this weekend -- just remember to keep a safe distance from others who are trying to do the same. Or if you’re sick, please stay home entirely! Nature finds a way. (Or really, nature cares little about the follies of man.) 🌸

Sunday, March 22

Read the District

Stockpiling toilet paper is for losers. Stockpiling books is where it’s at. Capitol Hill books has started taking one-hour appointments where you can have the whole store to yourself. If you’re elsewhere in the District, we definitely recommend patronizing your local bookstore — most do online orders! If you need a place to start, here are 50 essential books on DC history

Monday, March 23

A (virtual) art fair!

The Spring Cleaning art sale is going digital! Find new works from DC artists with #SpringCleaningDC on Insta and DM @amy_loko or the artist directly to purchase. We’ll all be spending more time at home...why not make it a pretty place to be? and give your neighbors a boost at the same time. (6pm)

Let it out

Apologize to your neighbors beforehand—the “DC Area Primal Scream” event has 1200+ attendees. (7pm)

Tuesday, March 24

The Social Distancing Festival

Stay ~*~a patron of the arts*~ and check out this site, dedicated to all the talented work being cancelled/delayed/disrupted. Poke around for rehearsal clips, webcam performances, workshop recordings…up today: a wellness hour and a stream from the Paris Opera. (lots of times!)

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