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This is a time where many of us are learning to be alone together (or together apart), which can be challenging or downright upsetting for some, yet new and exciting for others. This week, as many large public gatherings have been cancelled, postponed, or brought online, we encourage you to do things--alone, or with others--that keep us joyful, appreciative, and safe.

Wednesday, April 22

Sacred Knowledge: Frontiers of Psychedelic Research

With Decrim Nature DC in the news, a longtime researcher at Johns Hopkins--one of the only places to study psychedelics--drops by Rhizome (virtually) to talk about his book. (7 pm)

  • Another kind of deep discussion: New America hosts a talk on the “real” deep state. (12 pm)
  • Would Ben Franklin have done mushrooms? How do you know he didn’t? These are the questions we would put forward during the Q&A after this talk about the Nine Lives of Benjamin Franklin.

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Thursday, April 23

Finding joy at work with Marie Kondo’s consultant

Finding joy and fulfillment in work can be tough when the days are blending together. Join an interactive discussion and Q&A with Jenny Albertini, Marie Kondo’s first consultant in DC, to learn organizational tips and establish a routine that works for you. (4pm)

You could use a laugh or two

  • LIT Comedy is going to walk you through your birth chart and find your astrological character twin.  (7pm)
  • Tonight is the premiere episode of “Well, Well, Well,” Grassroots Comedy DC’s new show with comedians sharing deep wellness insights. Donations encouraged to raise funds for DASH, a local org supporting survivors of domestic and sexual violence. (8pm)

Also || tunes: Michael Grigoni + Rootless | one more week for virtual 5k | Filmfest DC at Home

Friday, April 24

Odetta Hartman at Sixth & I (her living room)

Psychedelic folk instrumentalist Odetta Hartman “carries cowboy soul into an era where country can clash with computers, and bluegrass isn’t afraid of bass.” (4pm)

Work some magic

Bluebird Sky Yoga hosts a virtual Massage Basics workshop, including chair and floor massage as you learn about anatomy, palpation techniques, healthy body mechanics and more! (6pm)

Also || symposium: longevity & wellness || tunes: Rob Noyes + Eli Winter

Saturday, April 25

DC shop small

Spring is usually one of the busiest times of year for local businesses. Instead, a bunch of your favorite shops are participating in Small Business Saturday, so take a look and indulge in something you had your eye on. If you can’t afford to shop, you can also leave a review to help boost the biz. (all day)

Perfect timing

A workshop on managing stress and anxiety with herbs! Herbalist Holly Poole-Kavana gives you an intro to plants that can help calm the mind, lift the spirit, and support a healthy stress response. (1pm)

Also || soundbath + meditation | intro to DJing

Sunday, April 26

Forage for your food

Can’t find fresh greens at the store? Socially distance the natural way by sourcing greens straight from mother nature! Take a Instagram live tutorial on how to ID a dozen nutritious wild greens you can likely find on your block, plus tips for dishes to make with them. (1pm)

The basics of sketch comedy writing

Now’s the time! An online course covers the essentials. Turn your ideas into fully written sketches, let your humor run rampant and make your group chat miserable. (5pm + additional dates)

Also || Supper and a show, tunes: “between Neil Young & a spaghetti Western” | the joys of letter writing

Monday, April 27

Lou on the trivial point

Miss your bar trivia nights? You can still burn off your workday on a Monday night at Lou’s. Just not…. *at* Lou’s. (8pm)

Appreciate Janelle Monáe, why don’t ya

This Monday marks the one year anniversary of Janelle Monáe’s “Dirty Computer” album. Dress up in your favorite costume and thrash your body around. (8pm)

Practice Deep Listening

Keep your ears perked for healing and tune in to Rhizome’s every-other-Monday sound meditation event. Noise-canceling headphones and quiet space encouraged. (7pm)

Tuesday, April 28

Tune into game night at Lincoln’s Cottage

President Lincoln's Cottage and Game Genius have paired up to host a virtual game night at the former president’s Civil War retreat. (7pm)

Soothing tunes

Finger-pickin’ good guitarist Jagtime Millionaire and jazzy bluesy Ross Hammond ,ake you feel like you’re at Rhizome (8pm)

Also || mastering breathwork | DIY sewing | midwifery symposium | tunes: Ross Hammond, Jagtime Millionaire

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