We seek to provide readers with the most up-to-date information and commentary on local happenings.


We do so with an angle towards social justice and civic responsibility.


We always bring it back to how people can get out of their apartments and interact in real life.


Hayden Higgins studied anthropology at Davidson College and organizes for local climate action with DC Divest while working at World Resources Institute. He is a contributing editor at The Morning News and a co-founder of 730DC. (@hscotthiggins)

Lily Strelich is an artist and lives in Petworth. She studied geology but she's grateful for her new life as an indoor cat, dabbling in science journalism and design. She’s also a bad bartender and biking evangelist, and shreds on the accordion. (@lilystrelich)

Nina Kanakarajavelu is a woman about town but currently hangs her hat in Columbia Heights. She is gainfully employed and dedicates much of her free time to local organizing, keeping up with the internet's latest hot takes, and making extremely niche Spotify playlists.

Kaila Philo was born in New York and lives in DC, where she lives in Petworth. She studied English lit and philosophy, and tried an academic career but wound up a journalist instead. She loves classic books, slow fashion and global cuisine. She has a rude little cat named Leia. (@kailaphilo)

Gracie McKenzie grew up in Oregon and now lives in Mt. Pleasant, after a stopover in Somerville, Massachusetts. She works in journalism and has been to the end of every Metro line but still gets lost around L'Enfant. (@graciemckenzie for work updates; @gracieful for foster kitten pics)

Alyssa Alfonso grew up in the MD suburbs and is now torn between riding the DC Metro and backpacking in the mountains of Oregon. She studied English at Georgetown and currently works with the small business lending team at LISC. She loves hiking, salty oat cookies, cold calling friends, and knitting hats. (@alyssa_alfonso1)

David Meni lives in Petworth. He’s currently works as a analyst in welfare and tax policy, and occasionally has stints as a barista, courier, or mechanic. You can catch him writing for Greater Greater Washington or as a co-host of MuniciPals wherever you get your podcasts. David loves exploring DC culture past and present, and will chew your ear off about public transit and development if you let him. (Editor's note: Don't let him, just read the newsletter; @thedavidmeni)

Andrew DeFrank grew up on Capitol Hill and lives near U Street. He works in community engagement for a local transportation agency. In his free time, he advocates for housing and transportation policies that will make DC a strong, safe, and equitable city. Andrew’s favorite city parks are Malcolm X (for hanging out), Rock Creek (for bike rides), and Marion (for dog walks).


Christina Pappas moved to D.C. for a new job in 2014, and quickly reached out to the then-on-a-break 730DC to see how she could help get it (re) started. She studied psychology and economics at Tufts University and is currently getting her MBA at Berkeley-Haas, where she focuses on human-centered design and innovation. 

Michael Mellody was born in the D.C. suburbs and has lived in Dupont Circle and Penn Quarter. He studied English at Davidson College and received an MBA at Stanford Graduate School of Business. He's passionate about all things media and is a co-founder of 730DC.

Nick Desien lived in Bloomingdale at the start of 730DC, but currently calls Petworth home. Like a cliche urban-dwelling millennial, he enjoys his house plants, bike, and thick-framed glasses.

Tomás Deza grew up in Tucumán, Argentina, and now lives in Columbia Heights. He studied film at the University of Maryland and thinks he should probably have a better voice impersonation of Werner Herzog by now. He admires doors on walks, learns best through soccer analogies, and gives the evil eye to people who balance on their bikes at red lights. (@tomas_deza)

Rachel Mulbry is a partially-legitimate DC native (does Takoma Park count?) who now lives in Columbia Heights and writes for 730DC en español. She did her undergrad in Montreal, and probably should have stayed in Canada, but despite her best efforts, she couldn’t stay away from DC for long. After spending time in Ecuador, she now works in urban conservation and spends as much time as possible on her bike and in DC parks. (@rachelcarita)

Colleen Shaffer was born in DC and now lives as a grown-up on U St. She studied anthropology at Columbia and now works in tech and regularly wears a hoodie in the office. In her spare time, Colleen runs around chasing frisbees, bikes around avoiding cars, and soaks up the glorious humidity of DC summers. (@ceshaff)

Michelle Delgado is a writer who grew up in NoVa and has lived in the D.C. area for the past five years. She is the creator and editor of Summerhouse, a digital magazine about D.C.'s creative underground, published in partnership with 730DC. You can follow her on Twitter @mdelgadia. Find her portfolio at

Jessica Sheng is a Jersey native now living in Park View. In her free time, she tries to live up to the neighborhood's name by spending ample time in Malcolm X Park. During the day, she works on digital projects at a media company and is fascinated by the intersection of urban communities, technology, and culture. Maybe one of these days she'll complete the transformation into a DC dweller and try Sweetgreen for the first time. (@jessheng15)

Michelle Goldchain, Matt Gayer, Marcus K. Dowling, Andrew Peng, Kiki Pierce, Dalton Vogler, Katie Malon, Rahwa Fessehatzion, Hana Ford, Ashira Morris, Yuri Chang, Elsa Voytas, Leah Salgado, John Harding, Dhanya Addanki, David Oliver, Margaret Kaufmann, Sheehan Whelan, Lovinia Reynolds, Ilana Ostrin, Ellen Squires, Julie Rubin and Linda Flynn have also contributed.

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